One Man Brand/Guatemala Round One

17 Nov 2008 11:27 PM | Ray Seggern (Administrator)
Today was the first half of the One Man "Stand" in Guatemala City, and I have to say that it is turning out to be a total trip.  For starters, I had to trim out a good chunk of my material in order to accommodate the interpreter and the lag time for the wireless translators that about half of the people wore. This first seminar was about 50 business owners here in Guatemala City and another 40 media reps from radio stations we bartered with for promotion.

Our hosts are Universidad de San Pablo, a very young university that shares a lot of the same spunk and spirit of our own Wizard Academy back in Austin. These guys are definitely my kinda crazy.  When WA was in its embryonic stage in the detached glorified garage building behind our Buda offices, it was fun to watch Roy and Pennie Williams (my then bosses and now business partners) lay out the vision for what has become our 30 acre campus.  Point see the same wild enthusiasm from Sandra and Willy and Bea when they map out where they want to take Universidad de San Pablo.  I have no doubt they'll get there.

My first module was an hour on the ten core principles of One Man Branding, and then I drilled substantially deeper on the issue of emotion versus logic.  It was all well received, and at the half-time break, I was riding pretty high. When I came back, my business partner Wicho Lopez did a quick extension of my One Man Brand principles, specifically with examples from his native tongue and Guatemala specifically.  Gauging by the response he got, it must have been really insightful. (I reeeeeeeeally need to work on my Spanish before I come back to Latin America.

I finished with what as become a signature presentation from the Wizard of Ads group.  We call it "The Pendulum," a 90-minute exploration of how society recycles its worldview every forty years.  It always brings the house down, and today I think we took it to a new level.

Remember, I am a gringo.  I am speaking in English while interpreter Super Elmer is translating my words into español.  And for the last 45 minutes of the day, we do the traditional question and answer, and boy is this crowd loaded for bear...really insightful and amazing insights.  During Q&A, I had a headset (all wireless, really top notch) and the translator would translate the question from the audience back to me in English and then Wicho and I would tag team the response, me in English (translated back) and Wicho en español...and the coolest part was I got the translation of Wicho's spanish answers to the questions I was addressing in we were riffing back and forth in two languages in real time.  what a trip.  Amazing day!

Heading out now for a good steak, some Monday Night Football en español, a sightseeing trip tomorrow to Antigua (de Guatemala...not the island), and then we'll do it all over again tomorrow night with the first ever One Man Brand Student Edition.

y'know...for the kids.   


  • 18 Nov 2008 6:26 AM | Ernesto
    Indeed, you provided very useful insight (I would say 'awesome' but I learned that we no longer use that 'plastic' vocab).

    If I am allowed to add something to Wicho's answers about how Guatemala is different from the U.S. in terms of marketing, is that apparently we stick to more conservative values (honestly, I am not stating "we are better than others, blah, blah blah").

    This particular trait affects completely the ways of advertising... sometimes picturing extended families gathering around a table, transmitting cooking recipes and mechanic skills from one generation to another, etc.

    Another important difference is that there are several native languages spoken within our country, and it reflects somehow in the media (it's more noticeable in the countryside).

    Again, thanks a lot for your time Ray.
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