Explanation Of The Wizard Of Ads

The Wizard Of Ads is a person…a place…and a thing.

Roy H. Williams is the marketing consultant known as “The Wizard of Ads,” having been dubbed that nickname by an early client. Williams authored a book trilogy bearing the same name, formed a global network of marketing professionals, and created a cutting-edge communications school.

WoA-books.jpgThe books

The Wizard of Ads, the book, discusses the psychology of marketing and advertising from an anecdotal point of view. Williams uses a range of sources and illustrations, ranging from Dr. Seuss to Andrew Jackson to Coco Chanel to illustrate his theories on marketing and persuasion, and indeed, on a grander scale, human nature.

Secret Formulas of The Wizard of Ads and Magical Worlds of The Wizard of Ads detail communication methodologies and displaced pedagogy respectively.

In all three books, each of which was featured on the Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestsellers lists, Williams discusses the importance of marketing aimed at the end user of the message and how to "cut through the clutter" to reach the individual.

Wizard of Ads Group

The Wizard Of Ads Group is a worldwide network of marketing professionals hand-picked by Williams to carry the brand and help businesses grow using his philosophies. There are currently 43 Wizard of Ads “partners,” located across the US, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and Latin America.

Ray Seggern is one of the 43 worldwide partners.

Each partner operates his or her own practice, but they often create teams of partners to work on specific clients and projects.

Wizard Academy (link takes you off this site) is a non-profit 501c3 educational institution in Austin, Texas that focuses on in-depth teaching of the communication arts. It exists independently of The Wizard of Ads group, although many WOA partners teach there and help support its existence. The diverse list of courses (link takes you off this site) is often updated to reflect new ideas and philosophies in communications. The current Wizard Academy Board of Directors includes Williams but he is no longer Chairman of the Board.

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