What is One Man Branding? 

Glad you asked...

A "One Man Brand" is implemented using Seggern's principles and formulas as follows:

1) Owner-Operated:  the business must be run by the person who owns it.  no exceptions.
2) Values-Based:  all our communications will be derived from the values of the owner-operator.
3) Common Sense:  The first of the Three C's.  Common Sense in strategy trumps all.
4) Creativity:  Big C #2, we'll find new and interesting ways to tell your story.
5) Collaboration: cannot read the label if you're in the bottle.  You need an advocate.
6) Story, Message, and Position are not synonymous.  You must understand the differences.
7) Emotion and Logic are the yin and yang of One Man Branding.
8) Scalability equals Sustainability, and that must pervade all aspects of the business.
9) Whenever possible, let the business owner be the spokesperson, telling his or her story.
10) Building Trans-Generational Businesses with the longest possible timeline in mind.  We are buliding companies that can be passed down from fathers and mothers to their sons and daughters or whoever they deem worthy to carry forward the torch.

This is the "how" part.  For more on the "why" part, read Ray's manifesto at

There's a lot more to it than that, but this is a good primer.
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